The burdens of leadership are great and many. Odds are if you don’t feel them, then you’re not doing your job. If you sense them, you might wonder if this is the right job for you:

        • Do you feel alone?

        • Concerned you’re not good enough?

        • Struggling to get buy in from your team?

There’s a reason so much has been written and said about leadership – – because there’s a lot going on! It cuts across so many spaces in life. Just consider these few spectrums:

        • motivation and the respective art of interpersonal communication

        • tactical management to planning a winning strategic vision

        • knowing what to do versus personal ability to deliver

Adam’s vast leadership experience provides insight from middle management to executive and cuts across different spaces to include military, automotive, finance, and entrepreneurial. As a Navy SEAL Platoon Commander, some of the smartest and most elite warriors were under his charge. At General Motors, he managed a $3.5 billion budget and coalesced eight executive directors for the Vice President of Engineering. Today, he runs his own executive coaching company.

Critical in shaping Adam’s experiences have been working alongside and developing friendships with some of the most amazing leaders, to include Medal of Honor recipients. Through these relationships, Adam has a deep appreciation for who great leaders are, where they came from, and how they got there. The notion that great leadership exists within the confines of your 8-5 job is a myth! You must be a good person first before you are a good leader. Great leadership is authentic.

Adam articulates most good leaders were not born that way. They are forged through the same struggles you feel today. Great leaders are rare, but the process to become one is not. It begins with a basic recognition of where you are today, taking one step at a time. Everyone has a unique path and the ability to embrace yours is part of “step one”. The hand you are dealt is not determinative of your station in life. Rather, how you deal with it sets your journey’s course. Pine away to get what others have will forever put you in the passenger seat. Identify who you want to be, respond in kind, and you’re in the driver’s seat!

Fair warning, though. Leadership is hard, and great leadership is even harder! Adam walks you through sensational struggles on his aspirational leadership journey. Physical pain of Navy SEAL training is a cakewalk next to the emotional disappointment Adam endured through missteps in his leadership journey – – both professionally and personally. While most can list endless hurdles along the way, sometimes you miss the most critical one that exists between your ears. You will never miss that one again after listening to Adam’s impassioned discussion on the Burden of Leadership.