Greatness begins with an idea. Millions of people have ideas, but far fewer live out their practical application.

        • Do you have a starry-eyed vision of your future, today?

        • What are the steps day-to-day, month-to-month, and year-to-year to bring your vision to fruition?

        • How do you respond to unforeseen circumstances that derail your plan? A continual upward trajectory requires the right mindset to conquer your ambitions as well as life’s inevitable challenges.

The tactical decisions of daily life are where thought becomes action. Our mindset drives our actions, reactions, and decisions, which author the events of our lives. Dream big or think small. Bounce back with gusto or pontificate why it was not meant to be. Of significant consequence is how one’s mindset links their outlook to outcome.

Adam provides raw, first-hand account of select experiences, which chronologically span his journey from childhood, Naval Academy, 14-year Navy SEAL career, family man, and businessman. He highlights challenges, influences, goals, decisions, and disappointments in his professional and personal life. Thus revealed is the maturation of his mindset as he overcomes personal obstacles to achieve the highest level of success while leading a life with meaning and purpose.

Each story highlights a characteristic clearly linked to outcome. Though each message can sufficiently stand-alone, there’s more to the presentation. The desire to grow through life experience can build your mindset to what was previously unattainable. Adam drives this point home with a step-by-step process for nurturing your mindset over time. He validates the credibility of that process with his life’s story.

In addition to Adam’s stories, he offers the anatomy of his mindset philosophy. He clarifies the intersection between your values and your behavior. People might have the right ideas, but not all act on them. Adam’s presentation will help you bridge that gap with his inspirational message that is personal and relatable.

Adam’s message, pictures, videos, and passion offer a very real account of the human spirit and power of the mind. Values of courage, perseverance, humility, and family lift him over formidable hurdles. His presentation offers great insight and powerfully universal lessons for any aspiring leader who has an interest in accelerating their personal growth.