(Grade School)

The beautiful thing about the grade school kids is how active their imaginations are. Adam seizes this by validating their imagination and referencing their colorful dreams. He tells them “thinking big” is simply turning their dreams into conscious thoughts while awake. It’s a basic concept for these young boys and girls that are eager to learn.

A father of three young children, Adam knows without active engagement, their minds are anywhere but paying attention to him. Consequently, he engages them with questions, calls on individuals to share in front of the group, and where accepted – – offers the occasional sugar filled reward. Adam uses quick vignettes with pictures, videos, and animated slides to reinforce his points. With a little prompting, he has them yelling in unison to finish his sentences.

Adam opens with a video of a young girl sharing her aspirational plans. He quickly takes her comments and links them to the “think big” theory. Better to aim high and miss, than aim low and hit your target.

Adam offers a few tools to bolster the “think big” mentality.

  1. Always give your best
  2. Be a team player
  3. Never give up

To reinforce these points, Adam offers stories from famous people the children recognize, as well as his own childhood or young adulthood. Throughout it all are simple and easy-to- remember triggers that bring them back to the “think big” theme.